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Mary’s Calico Hope Featured in Bookstagram Mini-Tour!

Do you know what Bookstagram is? I didn’t either; in fact, when my publisher said my book would be featured in a Bookstagram tour, I thought initially she’d said Boojstagram. It sounded very funky and hip. But it’s Bookstagram, and it’s part of Instagram.

So for several days this week, a number of bloggers of Christian fiction and such will be featuring Mary’s Calico Hope in their blogs! The idea is that they presumably have lots of followers, many of whom will be motivated to buy my book. (Rubs hands together in glee and laughs maniacally)

Actually, I looked at one of today’s blogposts, which I’ll post a link to here, and was amused by several comments from people who do NOT like cats. Okay so they won’t be buying my book. Oh, well!

Here’s the link. You can check out all the bloggers by scrolling down on this one’s post and finding the rest. Like and etc. on them for a chance to win a print copy of the book and a $15 Amazon gift card!