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    I’m Taking over the KUWTA Page Saturday!

    Saturday, July 6, I’ll be running the Keeping up with the Amish Facebook page, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    It’s going to be a day full of fun!~ Here’s what you can expect:

    1. Mini-Muffin Book Promos of other Amish authors, by Miss Muffet, my rescued former-dog-toy cinnamon roll, throughout the day! She’ll be sharing current or soon-to-release books by some of your (and mine!) favorite authors of Amish romance!
    2. A give-away of a brand new tiny painting of the kitty from my next book in The Heart of the Amish, “Lizzie’s Little Mouse”, which will release from Barbour on April 1, 2025! To win, you just need to give me your email so I can include you in my monthly newsletters. If you’re already done that, just do it again and tell me so. 🙂
    3. Information on where I’ll be doing book signings and author events in the coming months.
    4. I’ll share one of my favorite recipes – my summer go-to! And it will be featured in my next book! Hint: It involves cherry pie filling!
    5. I’ll tell you a little about my novella, “Lucy’s Christmas Sunbeam”, which will be releasing in September as part of a collection with some of your – and my! – favorite Amish authors!
    6. I’ll share a scene from my new release, “Mary’s Calico Hope”, book five from Barbour’s Heart of the Amish series.
    7. I’ll answer reader questions throughout the day. Ask me anything within reason. 🙂
    8. At the end of the day, I’ll reveal the gorgeous new cover for “Lizzie’s Little Mouse” and choose the winner of the tiny painting of Little Mouse, Lizzie’s cat!
    9. Other fun things as they occur to me. See you tomorrow!
    Cinnamon Roll
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    Are You Checking in Daily?

    The CelebrateLit tour for Mary’s Calico Hope continues through July 10

    Every time you like one of the bloggers’ pages, and click through to the entry, you’re entered for a chance to win a print copy of the book and a nice $25 Amazon.com gift card!

    Here’s a small excerpt from today’s blogger, Patty Pierce from Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy:

    The author does an amazing job building the characters and storyline. One of my favorite character is the Bishop who plays an integral part in the story.

    Truly, this clean, sweet Amish/Mennonite story will keep you reading.”

    Thanks for the nice words, Patty!

    Here is the schedule for the rest of the CelebrateLit blog tour/review. Remember to check in daily to increase your chance to win. And feel free to share my blog tour with your friends who enjoy reading sweet Amish romance.

  • Reviews

    Celebrate Lit Tour Continues Today!

    Today’s Blogger promoting my brand new release, Mary’s Calico Hope, is Debbie from Debbie’s Dusty Deliberations.

    Thanks for your review, Debbie! Check it out for a chance to win a print copy of the book and a $25 Amazon.com gift card!


    Here’s the rest of the tour schedule. You can click on past days to see what was said about the book by those bloggers!

  • Reviews

    Mary’s Calico Hope is featured in a Celebrate Lit Blog Tour now through July 10!

    Each day from now until July 10, Mary’s Calico Hope will be featured by one or more bloggers through Celebrate Lit online! I’ll post all the bloggers below. If you go to their pages and like them, you’ll be entered to win a print copy of the book and an Amazon gift card.

    Here’s one of today’s posts, from blogger Jeannette at Jeannette’s Thoughts:

    “I adore kittens.  And Mary has one called Hope.  This is so appropriate because Mary needs hope.  She has been crippled since she was a young child.  She has given up hope for a better future.

    Dr. Rueben King couldn’t help noticing Mary.  And it wasn’t because of her handicap. 

    Mary deserves all the happiness.  She gives so much to others in her community. Mary has the opportunity to live her life with less pain and fulfilling her dream of having a family of her own.

    I received this book to review from Celebrate lit.”

    Here’s the rest of the tour schedule. You can click on past days to see what was said about the book by those bloggers!

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    Mary’s Calico Hope Featured in Bookstagram Mini-Tour!

    Do you know what Bookstagram is? I didn’t either; in fact, when my publisher said my book would be featured in a Bookstagram tour, I thought initially she’d said Boojstagram. It sounded very funky and hip. But it’s Bookstagram, and it’s part of Instagram.

    So for several days this week, a number of bloggers of Christian fiction and such will be featuring Mary’s Calico Hope in their blogs! The idea is that they presumably have lots of followers, many of whom will be motivated to buy my book. (Rubs hands together in glee and laughs maniacally)

    Actually, I looked at one of today’s blogposts, which I’ll post a link to here, and was amused by several comments from people who do NOT like cats. Okay so they won’t be buying my book. Oh, well!

    Here’s the link. You can check out all the bloggers by scrolling down on this one’s post and finding the rest. Like and etc. on them for a chance to win a print copy of the book and a $15 Amazon gift card!


  • Life Outside the Pages

    Stephanie Wraps up her Three Day Interview!

    Stephanie, the wonderful blogger behind Stephanies Ninth Suitcase (I have to remember to ask her where that name came from!) did a three day interview with me, discussing my writing process, inspiration, career and advice for aspiring writers.

    It all started Monday with Part One – Faith and Fiction. Yesterday we had Part Two – Heart of the Amish. And today Stephanie wraps it all up with Part Three – A Day in the Life!

    Many thanks to Stephanie for her thought-provoking questions. I really had to delve to come up with honest, thoughtful answers. I may have gotten to know myself a bit better through this in-depth process!

    Here’s the link to today’s blogpost. And it’ll take you to the page, where you can find the other two posts as well if you missed them.

  • Life Outside the Pages

    Stephanie’s Interview Continues Today! Part 2

    Part Two of Stephanie’s interview from StephaniesNinthSuitcase.com, about me and my new release, “Mary’s Calico Hope” is out today!

    In it she asks me about my inspiration for writing Amish romance, and my thoughts about Mary, an older-than-the-typical-romance-heroine, disabled Amish woman, as a hero.

    I really liked her thoughtful questions. And her favorite quote from the book was, “Difficulty is a miracle in its first stage”, which is an Amish saying. I love it!

    Check it out!

    Author Interview with Anne Blackburne: Heart of the Amish

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    Do you read Library Books?

    I’ve had people tell me, apologetically, that they didn’t buy my book; they borrowed it from the library.

    Well, I can’t speak for all authors, but I’m completely okay with that!

    I support public libraries, and the important position they hold in our society. Without libraries, many people would have no access to books, periodicals, reference materials, newspapers, information, computers and the internet, you name it!

    The library bought my book, and now it can spread the joy! So if you read library books instead of buying books, don’t feel guilty on my account.

    I’m just glad you’re reading my book at all!

    Want to do something to help me out? If you liked my book, please leave a review – or several! It really helps authors out to receive positive reviews on Amazon.com, on Goodreads, on Bookbub, and on any website where their books are sold.

    My books are available in many places, including Books a Million, Barnes & Noble, Walmart.com, Target.com, from many Christian book stores, and of course on Amazon.com and from my publisher’s website, Barbour.com.

    Here’s a secret; the cheapest place to buy my book is from my publisher! I guess they don’t have those middleman expenses.

    So don’t worry if you borrowed my book. But do leave a good review if you feel moved.

    Thanks for reading! Thanks for reading me!

  • Book Signings

    Booksigning Tomorrow at Bookology!

    Tomorrow, Saturday, June 8 I’ll be doing a single-author booksigning at Bookology, located at 646 Wheeling Ave. in Historic Downtown Cambridge! I’ll be there from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

    Bookology is a wonderful little independent bookstore selling both new and used books. They have an eclectic selection. I always – ALWAYS – find something I must have.

    So here’s the scoop. My second book (okay, deep breath – I can’t believe I have a SECOND BOOK!!) “Mary’s Calico Hope”, book five in Barbour’s “Heart of the Amish” series, released in print on June 1. That was last Saturday. My little brother also got married that day, so I see that as good energy!

    Bookology has plenty of copies of my new book available for purchase. I’ll be on hand to chitchat with you, sign your book if you like, and tell you what flavor of pie I like best from Theo’s restaurant, located just two doors down from Bookology.

    I hope you’ll come on by and say hello; and maybe bring me a slice of pie!