Life Outside the Pages

Do you read Library Books?

I’ve had people tell me, apologetically, that they didn’t buy my book; they borrowed it from the library.

Well, I can’t speak for all authors, but I’m completely okay with that!

I support public libraries, and the important position they hold in our society. Without libraries, many people would have no access to books, periodicals, reference materials, newspapers, information, computers and the internet, you name it!

The library bought my book, and now it can spread the joy! So if you read library books instead of buying books, don’t feel guilty on my account.

I’m just glad you’re reading my book at all!

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Here’s a secret; the cheapest place to buy my book is from my publisher! I guess they don’t have those middleman expenses.

So don’t worry if you borrowed my book. But do leave a good review if you feel moved.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for reading me!