Life Outside the Pages

Is it Christmas without a Christmas Tree?

If you read my post about battling the washing machine, you know I’m living in a bit of a construction zone. My goal – between editing my next book and preparing a proposal for a new one, oh, and working full time! – has been to have my house “back together” before Christmas, put up a tree and enjoy some peace and quiet!

Well, that hasn’t exactly happened. There are still a few “construction” items to cross off the list before we call it a job, and there are still unopened boxes of new furniture lying around waiting to be assembled.

Will it all get done by Monday? Doubtful. What if we don’t put up a Christmas tree this year?

Will it still be Christmas if we open our gifts without the usual trimmings?

Will our spirits be able to soar without the dazzle we’re accustomed to?

I say, yes! Christmas, as the Grinch found out, isn’t about boxes and bows and bling; it’s about the birth of Jesus. I hope we can put up a tree, but even if we don’t feel like it after painting and polishing and putting together furniture, Christmas will still come.

We’ll go to church, and sing with the congregation. We’ll sit down to a special family dinner together.

We’ll open some gifts, but the biggest gift will be that we’ll be together, celebrating this very important day.

So Merry Christmas, a few days early, from my house to yours. Whether or not you have the trimmings, Christmas will come. There’s no stopping it!