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Book Review of: The Quilt Room Secret

The Quilt Room Secret

by Lisa Jones Baker

I recommend it!

Here’s Why:

This is Trini and Jacob’s story, and it is the story of a really long second chance at love! Jacob asked Trini to marry him when he was five and she was nine. She told him she’d consider his proposal when they were older…

Years later, Jacob and his brothers are back in town, heirs to their beloved aunt’s property. Trini lives right next door, and is now the confident owner of a prosperous quilt shop. And Jacob wants to readdress that proposal.

The problem is, Trini is facing a personal crisis, of faith, of destiny, of identity…

She isn’t sure what she wants any more…
But when that sweet boy from her past reappears as a handsome man, something about his strength and solidity draws her soul.

Will it be enough to offset years of uncertainty? And years of planning a different life?

Read this great book by Lisa Jones Baker to find out how Trini and Jacob find true love again after all those years. (You knew they would!)

This is a story of family ties, and how they loosen, but don’t, in a loving family, break irrevocably. The ending left me with a heart filled with hope.

NOTE: I especially like the fact that Trini’s two besties, Serenity and Abby, have their eyes on Jacob’s brothers. Will they have their happy-ever-afters, too?

By the way, I received a free copy of this book, but the opinions are very much my own! Lisa is the third author in the Barbour series, “Heart of the Amish”, and I’ve read some of her other books, and enjoyed them. I enjoyed this one most of all! I hope you do, too. Remember, if you love it, please leave a review…oh, and it won’t be out until Feb. 1. But you can preorder it now! Happy reading, fellow book lovers!