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Amish Romance: A Boy’s Amish Christmas

A Boy's Amish Christmas, by Patricia Johns

Amish Romance: A Boy’s Amish Christmas

by Patricia Johns

I just finished reading Patricia Johns’ third installment in her Butternut Amish B&B series, “A Boy’s Amish Christmas“.

I’m giving it five stars for pure enjoyment, because not only do the hero and heroine get a happy ending, but another couple does as well!

Brett and Emeline’s story had me at the edge of my seat as I wondered how they could possibly work through their significant differences . . . he comes from a political family; she’s a journalist. You do the math!

Add in a special little boy who has been having a tough time and needs extra love, and a fuzzy escape artist of a donkey, and you’ve got a winner!

Meanwhile, Belinda and Eli, featured in the previous two Butternut books, come to the crisis point in their relationship…which has been puttering along for decades!

And good old Eli the Donkey escapes again!

This third installment in Patricia John’s Butternut Amish B&B series continues the fun; looking forward to the next!