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I accepted a 30 Day Decluttering Challenge! Want to Join me?

While I declared 2022 to be the Year of Decluttering in my home, and got off to a pretty good start, it will come as no surprise to most that I’ve slowed down a bit. Life happens, right?

That won’t do! So yesterday I accepted a 30 Day decluttering challenge that fits right into my goals for the year.

The 30-Day Minimalism Game:
The idea is to motivate yourself to get rid of STUFF you no longer use. It works even better if you can talk a family member, friend or co-worker into decluttering with you, as you’ll egg each other on.

You can donate, trash or give away your stuff. Just get it gone!

Try not to give up; it gets harder with time. I’ll be on a mini-vaca for a few days this month, so I’ll add the totals for those days to the following week.

On Day One, which was April 1, I actually gave away six items I no longer use. And today, April 2, I stuck to the program and put two items into my car. One went to its new owner, and the second will go to its new owner later today.
The idea is that at the end of the day, the items you are flinging are out of your house and out of your life. Since this isn’t always handy, I’ll accept out of my house and into my car . . . where they may ride around for a few days or weeks, but will NOT reenter my home.
Who wants to join me? I’ll post some photos in the days to come.

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