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30 Day Decluttering Challenge: Day 3

It’s April 3, and that means it’s the third day of the 30 day challenge I accepted from a co-worker. Each day of this month, I must fling an increasing number of THINGS out of my house, and out of my life.

So far, I’ve gotten rid of some old toys, a blanket, a theater prop, a huge bag of cereal we didn’t mean to buy, a file cabinet, a big suitcase and a bunch of gifts I’ve been meaning to mail since CHRISTMAS! (Is that cheating? They’ve been sitting in my house for months, so I think it counts.)

Thanks, big purple suitcase, for all the adventures we’ve gone on together! I hope you find more fun times with your next owner!

This gets harder each day, and by the last week of the month, it should prove interesting finding 26, then 27, then 28, 29 and finally 30 items to fling out of my house. I’m counting heavily on clothing donations to get those big numbers moving late in the month. How many items fit into a 13 gallon trash bag?

Mustn’t forget my junk drawer(s), and it’s possible I have too many kitchen items. Marie Kondo wants me to start with clothes, then move on to books, papers, komono (misc), and finally tackle sentimental stuff. But I’m an out-of-order kind of person, so I’m going to go out of order some. Don’t give up on me, Marie!

More tomorrow as I find four things to toss.