Life Outside the Pages

Plotting during Savasana

by Anne Blackburne

I went to Yoga today. This is something I try to do every week, so that I can look into the mirrors in the ballet studio where we practice and confirm that I’m still the fattest, oldest person there.

Perhaps this is not what I’m supposed to be thinking about in a class which is supposed to help me transcend earthly worries and increase my confidence, strength and balance.

Alright, it does those things, with the added bonus of increasing my flexibility and helping to prevent the pain we all seem to be prone to as we reach a certain age. Having had two total hip replacements, I’ve found that regular Yoga keeps me from suffering the debilitating pain that results from too much sitting around on my tuchus. After all, they’re saying that sitting is the new smoking, as far as what’s going to kill you!

Hence, Yoga class. And I really enjoy it. I’m not too bad at it, either. But then comes that period of quiet contemplation at the end of each class, known as Savasana.

Savasana, also called Corpse Pose, is the period of resting on one’s back, completely still, for a period of time. Some people think that it is the hardest Yoga pose, because it’s not easy staying still. has this to say: Savasana (Corpse Pose) is much more than a moment’s rest at the end of a yoga class. The essential pose is crucial for calming the mind and body, here are additional benefits: Calms central nervous system, aiding the digestive and immune systems. Calms the mind and reduces stress.

So Savasana is a time of meditation. My teacher reserves the final 15 minutes of class for this. She turns out the lights, puts on relaxing Eastern music, and murmurs relaxing things to us about becoming aware of our breath, and of taking inventory of our bodies.


Sometimes I find myself drifting off to sleep during Savasana. Maybe this is okay, as sleeping is certainly relaxing.

Sometimes I can get with the program and simply “be.” But today, I found myself contemplating what will happen to the protagonist in my second Amish romance, “Mary’s Calico Hope,” which I’m currently writing.

I’m done with the first chapter, in which Mary has met her man – though she doesn’t know he’s her man, of course. As I lay on the floor in the dance studio, undistracted by images of myself in the mirrors because of the darkness, it occurred to me what could happen next. I had to keep from squealing and doing a little butt wiggle dance of happiness as I lay there.

I also came up with a BIG QUESTION I’ll need to address – a plot question about possibilities and impossibilities as to what can happen in Mary’s world.

I lay there quite pleased with myself, and was almost startled when the teacher told us it was time to return out attention to our breath, wiggle our fingers and toes, sit up and see ya later!

I’m sure plotting isn’t supposed to occur during Savasana, but I have to say it was the best 15 minutes I’ve spent lately. Now to stop blogging about my story, and go write it!