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    Book Review “An Amish Second Christmas”

    With stories by Shelley Shepard Gray, Patricia Johns and Virginia Wise

    Time for a report on the book I read on my recent cruise! My friend, Linda, found “An Amish Second Christmas” at a store in SE Ohio in February, and after she read it, I grabbed it because it has three stories from three of my favorite authors of Amish romance!

    The authors are Shelley Shepard Gray, Patricia Johns, Author, and Virginia Wise.

    All three stories were, as expected, wonderful. Are you surprised by this??

    Shelley’s story, “Their Second Chance”, focused on Amish nanny Hannah Eicher, her sweet pup, Daisy, and a handsome, English fireman named Rob Prince. Hannah and Rob have to work hard to make their relationship work – and to convince her family that he’s the man for her. I loved this story and it’s unexpected, but satisfying, ending.

    Patricia’s story, “His Amish Angel”, is all about Maggie Lapp, a fierce young Amish woman who has decided she is unmarriageable! Why? Because she’s too outspoken. (I can relate to this, I’m afraid!) So she finds satisfaction and a place of belonging by secretly writing a weekly newspaper advice column called ‘Miss Amish’. Enter Maggie’s former fiancé, the very traditional-minded Atley, who accidentally ruins everything by revealing her secret . . . and the sparks fly! But a second chance at love is also taking flight.

    Finally, Virginia’s story, “An Heirloom Christmas”, focuses on Rachel Miller, another independent young Amish woman who is recovering from a bout with cancer, and is determined to prove she can make it on her own by selling heirloom plants she cultivates in her greenhouse. Enter Joseph Webber, who needs a job to pay for a new buggy after irresponsibly wrecking the one his father gave him. Rachel remembers Joseph as a cheeky lad from her school days. She longed for his attention then – and is NOT interested in it now. Or . . . is she?

    Thank you all for your wonderful stories! I laughed and cried as I read them under a palm tree on a Caribbean island; and in my cabin any chance I had during my week-long adventure.

    The book itself may be a bit the worse from wear (sorry, Linda!) after my sister accidentally sat on it in a wet bathing suit. Ha ha! But it’s still readable!

    I recommend this book, and basically anything from these three wonderful women. And if you’re looking for something new, I’d be honored if you’d read my debut novel, “Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise”, available on Amazon.com. My second book, (with characters you’ll remember from Ruth’s story), is “Mary’s Calico Hope”, and it is releasing very soon – in e-book on May 15, and in print on June 1.

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