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    Day 4 Celebrate Lit Virtual Book Tour for “Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise”, Bonus Blog Review!

    Today I was fortunate to have two popular bloggers review my new book!

    Check out my previous post by The Avid Reader!

    This post is by Lakeside Living site. Here is what they have to say!

    Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise by Anne Blackburne is part of the Heart of the Amish series. This is a series of Amish stories written by different authors. This is an enjoyable story of Ruth and Jonas. They have both lost their spouses and are being given a second chance at love. I enjoyed reading this nice story of neighborly friendship that grows into much more and enjoyed seeing how the two would react. I found Jonas’s daughter to be a cute part of the story. The addition of the house cats also makes for fun reading. This story gives the reminder of importance of prayer and how God answers the prayers. When the Bishop tries pushing Ruth into selling her family farm, many opportunities present themselves to give her a reason to stay. I enjoy the strength she has and how she is open to new things.

    I voluntarily received a complimentary copy of this book, this is my honest review.

    Be sure to visit their blog post and click through to win another chance at a print copy of the book and a Amazon e-gift card! Oh, and scroll down past the first review of another great book!

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    Day 4: Celebrate Lit Tour for Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise!

    Each day from December 9-22, one or two popular bloggers will post about my new release, “Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise” as part of the Celebrate Lit virtual book tour!

    Today’s Blogger is Kris Anderson: The Avid Reader. Be sure to go to her site and click on the link to enter to win a print copy of the book and a $25 Amazon e-gift card! The link to her blogpost is below!

    Oh, and please scroll down past Avid Reader’s first review of Tricia Goyer’s “Trust the Stars”.

    Here is what Kris, The Avid Reader had to say about Gingersnap!

    My Thoughts (by Kris Anderson, aka The Avid Reader)

    Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise by Anne Blackburne is a sweet story.  I thought the book was well-written with realistic, developed characters.  I enjoyed getting to know Ruth Helmuth, Jonas Hershberger, and little Abigail Hershberger.  I could not believe that Ruth’s bishop, Abram Troyer suggested that she sell her family farm, which held many memories for her, because she lived alone.  The bishop felt a family could make better use of the large house and property.  Ruth is a good businesswoman.  She has her herd of wily goats.  Ruth uses their milk and fiber.  She comes up with other ways to utilize the property and earn money.  I liked learning about Jonas and his sister’s basket business.  Their baskets sounded lovely, especially the Christmas baskets.  You can feel that faith is a part of the character’s daily lives.  They pray to God for guidance and assistance.  They know that He will provide in His own time.  I enjoyed the humor sprinkled through the story.  The kitten that Ruth receives from her dear friend, Lydia Coblentz, provides many lighthearted moments.  Lydia knew what she was doing when she gifted the ginger kitten to Ruth.  A couple of Ruth’s friends also received kittens.  Lydia is an insightful woman.   Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise may be the second book in The Heart of the Amish series, but it can be read as a standalone.  I especially enjoyed the heartwarming ending.  I finished Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise with a smile on my face.  

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    Day Three: Celebrate Lit Tour for Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise!

    My virtual book tour of “Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise” continues today through Dec. 22, with Blog Stops each day (sometimes two!) by popular Christian literature bloggers. Today’s blog post is from Texas Book-aholic. Here’s what she has to say!

    (Don’t forget to click through to her blog post to have a chance to enter the grand prize giveaway of a print copy of Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise and a $25 Amazon e-gift card! My review is the second one down…scroll on down to find it; although you may also want to read her review of Daniel Petronelli’s new book, The Seeds of Faith: A Christmas Miracle, on your way to my book post!)

    Click the link below.

    MY REVIEW (This is Texas Book-aholic’s review, folks)

    This has been such a fun book to read and I’m impressed that this is a debut book for the author. The wonderful characters become like family as I find myself enjoying each one. The setting is nice as we get a glimpse at Amish life. The author gives vivid details about raising goats and making baskets. These are just a few ways the Amish make money. 

    I would love to visit Jonas as he makes the baskets and gets them ready to sell. He has been raising his sweet  daughter  Abigail on his own since the death of his wife. I admire how dedicated he is to Abagail and his determination to raise her in a Godly home. When he meets Ruth I started wondering if there would be any sparks between them. He has thought about Abigail needing a mother so perhaps he should open his heart to a new relationship. 

    Ruth is such a good character. She lives on a big farm raising  ghosts, making soaps and milk to sell. I laughed when the bishop stopped by with a proposal that took Ruth by surprise. The thought of selling her farm is ridiculous, she thinks to herself. God will provide the answer she needs, so she prays and waits on Him. I love how kind Ruth is and her desire to help others. 

    The story is filled with faith, hope, surprises and a new beginning for several characters. I loved getting to know the author’s writing skills and can’t wait to read her next book. 

    I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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    Wait, What? Day Two of my Celebrate Lit Tour has TWO blog posts, with two reviews! Here is the second, from Blogger Mary Ann Hake:

    (Spoiler: She liked the book!)

    Ruth's Ginger Snap Surprise

    Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise by Anne Blackburne, A Review

    “A great new Amish read. Both main characters have lost their spouses. Jonas has a precocious young daughter, and Ruth was never able to have children. Life pushes them together, and they could help each other out, but is that God’s plan for their future? Then the bishop’s granddaughter pushes her way into the community and sets her sights on Levi. This endearing tale quickly draws the reader in and makes them care about these realistic characters. The story offers some circumstances a bit different than typical Amish novels and drops you into an engaging story world to hang out in for a while. The book contains plenty of twists and troubles, making readers wonder how everything will ever all come out right. And the cookie title also is the name given to Ruth’s new kitten. This new author will be one to look for in the future. I received a copy from Celebrate Lit. All opinions are my own.”

    Link to purchase book:

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    Publishers Weekly Review of Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise!

    I’m a happy author today, as yesterday something unexpected happened; something I didn’t even know was a thing until I received an email telling me it was!

    One of the amazing folks at Barbour Publishing emailed me yesterday to tell me my debut novel, “Ruth’s Ginger Snap Surprise“, which comes out December 1 from Barbour (have I told you this before – maybe 10 times??) had received a very good review from Publishers Weekly.

    I was thrilled to learn I’d received a good review, but I didn’t understand the significance of this particular review. Of course, I’ve heard of Publishers Weekly. But I wasn’t certain how important their good review of my novel was.

    So I Googled them!

    Here is the result: “A Publishers Weekly review is the most highly regarded review in the publishing industry. It is a capsule book review of about 200 words. PW reviews are primarily geared toward helping booksellers and librarians decide which books to purchase.”

    Hold the phone: I received a very good review from the most highly regarded source in the publishing industry? May I just say, wowsers!

    I’ll copy the link to the review at the end of this blog post. It made me feel very good, saying things like,

    “Blackburne debuts with a stirring second-chance Amish romance featuring a 33-year-old widow who struggles to start over with the help of a mischievous pet kitten—and possibly a new beau.”

    And . . .

    “Blackburne delicately weaves Ruth’s and Jonas’s tenuous hopes for happiness with their conflicted feelings about moving on from their first marriages, lending the narrative depth and resonance. Readers will look forward to the next outing from this promising new voice.”

    Oh boy, oh boy!

    It’s as if I hadn’t realized yesterday was Christmas, and woke up to a lovely gift I didn’t expect.

    Whomever the anonymous review at Publishers Weekly is, God bless you! You’ve made me very, very happy!

    Read the review here!